CHILDHOOD IS A TIME FOR WANDERLUST AND FREEDOM.......  Research clearly shows that the first 1001 days of a child's life are critical for development on all levels. The brain grows more rapidly during this period that at any other time in our lives. So, why are we filling this time with endless targets, ticklists and milestones?

At Wildflower we believe that babies and children thrive when they feel safe, respected, loved and nurtured and we know that this is best achieved through positive, loving interaction and authentically child led play.

Play is a process - its not about an end goal or target . We believe that open ended play in nature is crucial for early years development and wellbeing. We believe that children learn by using all of their senses in an environment where they are free to move, explore and feel safe. We believe that children learn by being given the time and space to tinker and potter,  being mesmerised by stories, planting and growing , star gazing and learning to take care of and respect the animals and plants on our planet.

This is why i created our 'Six Pillars of Play & Wellbeing for Little Wildflowers'- our holistic curriculum that supports children from birth to 8 years . It is the framework for the Little Wildflower Developmental Play and Wellbeing Diploma and our Nature Play Practitioner Training.

Permaculture Play the Wildflower Way focuses on creating a generation of Earth Keepers, who will grow up with an intrinsic, authentic love and respect for our planet and every single living thing on it - after all there's no planet b!

We know that children need to feel a genuine sense of safety and connection and we equally recognise that parenting is the hardest job there is! There is so much conflicting information and advice at every stage - we're setting parents up to feel like failures!

Connected Parenting is about respecting each child as an individual who will develop and learn not just in their way but in line with their actual holistic development - it's time to stop telling parents to push parents to potty train toddlers who are not cognitively mature enough to understand the process or prop up babies who aren't physically able to sit.

We focus on natural sequential development through play, interaction and love - no milestones or ticklist!

These programmes enable you to professionally share the Wildflower ethos through classes, workshops and circles. If you are an Early Years Provider you can also become an Accredited Wildflower Setting!


Want to teach our full range of Parenting & Play Courses?

Then our Connected Parenting & Play Specialist Pathway is for you!

You also receive :

12 x 1:1 zoom mentorship sessions

4 x 1:1 business reviews with action plan

12 x free CPD Certificates of your choice

12 months Voxer support

A listing on our website as a Wildflower Specialist!

This is just one of the 6 pathways that make up the Full Circle ( it’s the most extensive training programme out there!)