The power of connecting to your soul purpose is so powerful

It enables you to work in a way that feels aligned and with people who you genuinely connect with on a deeper level

It enables you to create healthy boundaries and live with a sense of ease and flow rather than constantly striving and pushing

It changes the way you live and empowers you to make a huge difference to the lives of others

Want to connect to this clarity? Let me guide you....

There are a number of ways we can work together ….

Know what you want but need the professional skills and training to get started?

Join one of my exclusive training pathways. Wildflower offer the most extensive range of heart led, female focused , professionally recognised training programmes in the world! You can join us from wherever you are and we'll meet you exactly as you are right in this moment. Choose from one of a Specialist Pathways and Diplomas or complete the full circle- you can find all of our programmes here 

Know you need balance and clarity in your life but you don’t know how to connect to this?

Join our Roots Circle - a beautiful 6 week group immersion. You can't truly connect to our soul purpose when you are struggling to connect to yourself fully. Roots is a 6 week long circle where women from all over the globe can connect, hold space for one another, discover the blocks that are holding them back and reset their nervous system! Find out more here 

Already have a soul purpose or a soul purpose idea but need to find mentorship and support that will nourish your own soul journey aswell as providing you with the practical tools to be ethical, heart led and sustainable?

Join me for six months in The Soul ReWilding Space!

It’s time to reconnect to your power and purpose and I’m here to walk with you every step of the way


Want to work with me on a  deeper level?

Soul Purpose sessions are an opportunity for me to hold space just for you. A space to let go, a space to dive deeper, a space to reconnect fully. These sessions last 90 minutes and consist of a range of somatic practices, ritual and enquiry - i create this space just for you in line with your needs.

After the session you will receive a Soul Purpose Journal, with prompts written exclusively for you and ritual suggestions to support your journey forwards.

These sessions are extremely limited - you can book yours here 

Not sure which option you need? Feel free to pop me an email or a DM over on my social media - these are only ever accessed by me