Womanhood is an ever evolving journey of transcendence, a journey that was celebrated by our ancestors but one that has now become lost in the hustle of modern life.

The Wildflower Womanhood Mentor Programme has been created to enable us, as a collective to reclaim the power of connection, community, heritage and mother nature through sacred circles and retreats .

This programme will enable you to provide holistic support  following the four cyclical elements using embodied, somatic practices, rituals, meditation, breathwork,  ecotherapy, the wheel of the year and wild remedies-all within a sacred circle.


The Ember Circle supports women through their fertility journey - a time often overlooked. The impact of connection and somatic practices within a safe space greatly supports holistic wellbeing , lowers stress, regulates the hormonal and nervous systems and enables those on this sometimes traumatic journey to feel held and understood and to share their journey with those walking the same path

We use meditation, breathwork, gentle movement and mantra to find a place of connection, nourishment  and stilllness for both the mind and body.

The Goddess Circle is a space to celebrate and embrace the magic of pregnancy and birth. We explore this time on a spiritual level, recognising and respecting  it as a rite of passage.

We delve into how pregnancy and birth is celebrated and supported around the world, how the cycles of nature can encourage us to slow down and embrace this time and the power of connection and authentic support.

We take time to pause, connect and release through breathwork, meditation and relaxation.


The Matrescence Circle provides a safe, non judgemental space where parents can replenish, feel nourished  by nature, connect with themselves and their wildlings and feel part of a village - no matter what stage they are at within their parenting  journey.

We explore the principles of connected, mindful parenting,  the importance of parental wellbeing and the need for connection.

We create a space to pause, to truly slow down and focus on being rather than doing.

The Wise Woman reminds us that we have all of the tools we need within us. That we are innately powerful when we feel connected to ourselves.

In this circle we explore the journey into menopause as a rite of passage - a time to be revered and celebrated. We consider how western society encourages us to  walk this path silently and take our power back as a collective!

We use powerful breathwork, meditation, mantra and journaling as part of this magickal circle.


Wildflower Womanhood Mentors are able to run all four circles - enabling them to provide a continuous cycle of connection and support. This programme includes a four week sacred circle plan for each element along with a list of specialist retreat ideas.

You  receive full business support and mentorship - we want you to be able to share your magic with as many people as possible!

As a collective you will also have the opportunity to join  Wildflower Circles throughout the year and feel the nourishment and connection for yourself, as well as exclusive invitations to in person Wildflower Womanhood Retreats .

Nature has so much to offer us when we slow down and allow it in.

Ready to connect?