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As women we are cyclical beings who are intrinsically attuned to the seasons and cycles of the earth, but we've been programmed on a deep, cellular level over generations to disconnect from this wisdom and fear it's power. 

The rites of passage that we should be celebrating together have been forgotten. We've been made to feel like we should be all the things to all the people, that Motherhood is a side hustle rather than a sacred time in our lives.

The Fertility Journey, Birth, Motherhood and Menopause are all rites of passage that our ancestors would have considered sacred. Valued phases of life when the Village would come together and support each individual woman, reminding her that she is capable, loved and held. It's time to reconnect.

I have spent years learning to embrace my own ancestral roots as someone from a Romany Gypsy family, who had been taught to hide her heritage for fear of judgment. Only when i fully leaned into the magic of my lineage did i begin to connect the dots and feel in true alignment and purpose. The Roots Method is based on this journey and the impact it's having is just incredible. You can train to use this method to support other women to harness their own unique power and wisdom - i guide you through your own Roots journey as part of the facilitator training - you have to experience the magic for yourself. The Roots Method also includes Breathe & Heal Breathwork Facilitator Training , enabling you to facilitate breathwork classes and circles.

Our Wild Womanhood Circle Facilitator Training is reconnecting Women at every stage of their journey. Learn how to hold space and facilitate healing, empowering circles for fertility, Birth, Motherhood & Menopause.

Mothers are being encouraged to recognise their intuitive wisdom through hands on connection, rather than seeking advice from the million 'experts' offering conflicting advice! 

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