When i started my business i began researching business mentorship and support - i knew i needed advice with marketing, social media management, how to manage business finances and how to actually make a living from the knowledge and experience i had. I spoke to numerous coaches and mentors and every single one told me the same thing....


That they were the one with a blueprint for success

That they would share the 'secret sauce' of marketing 

That their business mentorship had sales page templates that really worked

That their business mentorship would soon have me making six figures a month

Guess what?


I got totally sucked in! I invested money i really couldn't afford, but this would be the best way to get my message out there right?



I felt uneasy with the marketing tactics - they just weren't ethical or honest!

I looked around me and realised that every single person was saying and doing the same scripted thing (yawn)

I realised that everything was being pitched at a specific section of society - this really irritated me! Everyone needed to be able to access what i was offering!

I felt totally out of alignment with the masculine way of success only being measured by money -this was my soul purpose, my mission in life!


I felt like failure a because i wasn't 'hard' enough and was letting my heart lead me

I worked with clients who really weren't aligned with me or my values - because my marketing didn't truly represent me - this made life so much harder than it needed to be!

I felt like i was on an endless cycle of trying to 'sell' and it absolutely depleted me

And i was paying for this!!

So, what did i do?

I stepped back and remembered my 'why'

I created Wildflower because i  wanted a slower, more connected pace of life. I wanted to be able to work to my own rhythm, i wanted to truly and authentically support other women, i wanted to create a collective of change makers who were led by their heart and soul.

BUT... equally i needed to earn a living!

This is when everything changed for me

This is when i realised that success wasn't about having a six figure business, it was about freedom and purpose!

This is when i realised that the way i felt and communicated within my business impacted my energy , that i was hiding my true values and this meant i wasn't connecting with the people who were literally calling out to work with me!

I have spent years mastering this way of working (the hustling masculine energy is real force to reckon with!)  and the impact it has had on my business and my own wellbeing has been astounding!


I have put all of this knowledge, all of this experience and all of this soul work into creating The Soul ReWilding Space so that i can share it with you

So that i can offer you an alternative to the pushy sales driven mentorship programmes i joined!

So that i can provide a Sacred Space for those who hold Sacred Space for others

So that i can support you to create a sustainable, ethical, thriving  business and feel aligned, nurtured, held and seen 



So, who is this space for? 

Women who hold space for other Women, for example as a Birth Worker, Doula, Yoga Teacher, Postnatal Practitioner, Baby Class leader or Circle Facilitator ....

Women who have hit a plateau in their business , who feel stuck, out of alignment or like they've fallen out of love with something that used to light them up!

Women who want to create a Soul Led business but don't know where to start

Women who want to feel connected and held in a safe, nurturing space with other heart led women

Women who want to develop a business strategy and mindset that enables them to create an abundant, sustainable business and thrive themselves!

Women who want to learn more about connecting to their inner wisdom and nurturing themselves on a deeper level  (skills that directly transfer authentically into your work with other women)

Women who want someone to walk this journey with them - someone who has experienced it first hand, someone who genuinely cares!


How does the programme work?

We will open the group space with a beautiful Sacred Ceremony via Zoom where we will get chance to meet one another in person, set some intentions for the space and journey ahead and i will lead you through a guided meditation and breathwork practice... plus some other suprises!

You will be  invited to join me for six months in a small group space where you are safe to share anything that you feel called to- whether this is a practical business query or something relating to your own personal soul journey- i am here for you.

You will be a member of the Soul ReWilding Voxer group - this enables you to send voice notes, photos and chat with the group, from anywhere in the world at any time - support at your fingertips!

You will be invited to join a live zoom group mentoring session twice a month where we will cover a specific element - one business related, one designed to support you to dive deeper into your Soul purpose journey.

You will be invited to join a monthly breathwork and meditation class, these will support your integration and personal practice on  such a deep level - enabling you to create a toolkit of resources to guide and support you.

You will be able to book 3 one to one coaching sessions with me - totally tailored to your specific needs - we can spend the whole time in meditation or we could work through your business plan together- whatever you need at that point in time.

We will close the space with the final group Sacred Ceremony - a blissful integration of our 6 months together.

(All live sessions are recorded and will be added to your personal online account, so there is no obligation to make any set dates)


The Soul Purpose Space opens its doors on September 13th - There will be a limited number of places available and this is your opportunity to secure one at a prelaunch investment that won't be available again!

Book yours here or feel free to  get in touch with any queries