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Become a Licensed Mindful Mumma Postnatal Recovery Practitioner!



This extensive, Professionally Certified Program qualifies you to provide:


An 8 week Term of Mindful Mumma Classes - These consist of Postnatal Yoga, Mum and Baby Exercise routines, Mindfulness and Relaxation, Sharing Circles 


Stand Alone Postnatal Recovery Yoga Classes


Stand Alone Mindful Mumma Baby Friendly Exercise Classes 


Mindful Mumma Relaxation Sessions and Circles 


Mindful Mumma Retreats


Healing Postnatal Nutrition Packages and Consultations




Upon qualifying you receive your unique Mindful Mumma License Number and Logo!



As a Mindful Mumma Practitioner you have access to:


A full Business Coaching Program - guiding you through from the very basics of running your business to expanding in a sustainable way 


A Private community group 


A PDF full of exclusive Social Media Images for you to use


An extensive range of Class & Workshop Plans (plus parent mini ebooks to gift your community)



There are NO ongoing fees EVER


We do NOT operate as a franchise - you are free to run your classes, consultatons and retreats from anywhere in the world!


You have LIFETIME ACCESS to all course material - study online at your own pace!


A regularly updated library of exclusive Mindful Mumma resources




Our unique training combines Postnatal Yoga, Gentle exercise, Meditation and Breathwork with Healing Postnatal Nutrition, Space Holding and Mother centred Retreat Facilitation.





What does the Training look like?


The upgraded course has been designed to support you on every possible level. It is all online, at your own pace with no time limit for completion - you have lifetime access to all course material, with no ongoing fees



Module One: The Wildflower Welcome Pack


Meet the Founder


What makes Wildflower so unique- learn about our Ethos


Policies and Procedures (the boring but necessary bit!)


Course Structure and learning goals - plan your study


How to complete and submit your coursework and case study


Welcome to the practitioner community - getting to know your peers




Module Two- The Mindful Mumma Foundation Program


Perinatal Anatomy and Physiology


An introduction to Wildflower Yoga


Creating Diverse, inclusive, safe spaces


Professional Practice - understanding your professional boundaries and limitations


FREE Nature Nurtures Mumma Walk & Talk Training




Module Three- Postnatal Recovery around the World

Why the Western World has got it so wrong!




Module Four- Postnatal Recovery Yoga Teacher Training

(newly updated to include demonstration classes) Includes newly updated webinars focusing on the pelvic floor , diastasis recti and the 'core'



Module Five Postnatal Recovery Exercise

 Think zumba meets gentle hiit! (play lists included)



Module Six- Healing Postnatal Nutrition

Recovery starts from the inside out - food is fuel (Includes my exclusive Healing Postnatal Nutrition e-Book)




Module Seven- Meditation and Breathwork for Mummas

Practical tools to support women throughout the full journey of womanhood



Module Eight -Mindful Mumma Retreat Facilitation

Learn how to facilitate beautiful Mother Centred Retreats - these are a fantastic way to substantially increase your income!



Module Nine- The Exclusive Mindful Mumma Class Plan

 Run an eight week term of classes (includes a full plan for the entire term, with handouts and play lists)



Module Ten - The mindful Mumma Business Program

Get out of your own way and shine your light!

Navigating Social Media (templates to use)

Marketing made easy - a simple formula that really works!

Polices, Terms & Conditions & Booking Forms (all included for your use)

How to Risk Assess your classes and retreats

The Key to creating a sustainable business

Keeping Accounts & understanding HMRC rules

Data Protection and Confidentiality - how to store/dispose of information safely both in paper form and online



Resource Library

An ever growing group library of useful links, books , research papers, business updates, class ideas and new routines!



Mindful Mumma Teacher Forum

A private space to connect with other Mindful Mumma Teachers, share ideas, seek support and celebrate one another!





Choose your pricing plan

Find one that works for you**

  • Mindful Mumma Postnatal Recovery Coach

    Every month
    Tier 1 Payment Plan
    Valid for 12 months
  • Mindful Mumma Postnatal Recovery Coach

    Every month
    Tier 2 Payment Plan
    Valid for 12 months
  • Mindful Mumma Postnatal Recovery Coach

    Every month
    Tier 3 Payment Plan
    Valid for 12 months
  • Mindful Mumma Postnatal Recovery Coach

    Tier 1 pay in full
    Valid for one month
  • Mindful Mumma Postnatal Recovery Coach

    Tier 2 pay in full
    Valid for one month
  • Mindful Mumma Postnatal Recovery Coach

    Tier 3 pay in full
    Valid for one month
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