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Why the work of Postnatal Doula's is vital

When my eldest baby was born in 2010 i had never even heard the word Doula!

It wasn't until i began researching a career in Birth Work that i discovered this incredible vocation and i was hooked.I knew from my own birth and postnatal experiences that this work was desperately needed by so many mothers, that this was wisdom that has been lost throughout the generations.

I knew this was calling me. I knew that i could make a difference.

My work as a Postnatal Doula varies every single day - some days i might be running workshops other days i'm cooking nutritious food packages or supporting a mum with feeding. One of the most important aspects of my job is simply witnessing the mother, holding space for her to just be present in that moment, listening to her authentically without judgment and providing gentle guidance and support.

Mothers need to know they they are valued, that they are important and they are seen.

Postnatal recovery in the western world has been obliterated.

Gone are the days when a new mother would rest physically and allow her body the time and space to heal at it's natural pace.

Gone are the days when the other women in the community would rally round and cook meals , care for siblings and help with the million things that need doing every day

Gone are the days when mothers and grandmothers passed down their wisdom

Gone are the days when being a mother was considered a job in itself

Mothers today in the western world are bombarded with images of celebrities springing back into shape.

We are expected to continue to work until we are literally ready to birth our baby and go back to work at the earliest possibility - the patriarchal system is designed to make this the only option for so many women

We are expected to welcome distant relatives into our home and be a polite hostess - when very often we just want to rest and connect with this little human we've carried for 9 months

We are given misleading and conflicting information by a plethora of self proclaimed experts (by the way YOU are the expert on your baby!)

We are made to feel like we need to buy a million different gadgets (when more often than not they end up gathering dust in a cupboard!)

This is why i am so deeply passionate about supporting more women to train as independent Wildflower Mother Nurtured Doulas

This work is essential.

Women need other women - it's a fact

The maternity system is at breaking point

It's time to take the power back into our own hands (literally!)

Wildflower Postnatal Doulas are professionally qualified to run an extensive number of workshops and offer a huge number of Doula services - they are bringing back the village.

You can become a Wildflower Doula wherever you are in the World - our courses are globally Certified and designed to be studied at your own pace, online with no time restrictions, you have lifetime access to all your course material and ongoing free membership of The Wildflower Collective community group.

Want to find out more? Pop over to the course description here or get in touch for a chat.

I would love to guide you on this life changing journey.



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