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Colic, Help my baby is broken......

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

  1. Help, my baby is broken... Evie’s birth was far less traumatic and I felt pretty ready to face the challenge of two babies under two! However, our first night at home (just 6 hours after she was born) was a serious reality check. Evie screamed non stop, whether I held her, put her in the crib, fed her, changed her, nothing worked- day or night. You could guarantee that the moment she slept ( usually in my arms while I sat up- which in itself went against all the guidelines and sent my anxiety spiralling- but desperate times) Lola would wake - they were a tag team. I was beyond knackered. My husband runs his own business so went back to work pretty much straight away- long days at home with an angry baby crying non stop, being sick after every feed ( literally a fountain) and a mischievous toddler was harder than I had ever imagined. One day rolled into the next, there was zero opportunity to sleep and I was at my wits end. Both my GP and health visitor suggested it may be colic and she would ‘grow out of it’... brilliant, but when? What do I do right now? How can I get through another 24 hours with no sleep? But I did, night after night after night. My husband tried his best to help- but the crying was so excessive, he felt helpless. We tried every formula going, every bottle on the market, every colic or reflux remedy but nothing ever worked. Our GP eventually prescribed infant gaviscon and lactose free formula ( she was 5 months old at this point) finally, she seemed to get some relief ( and so did we!) To this day, I’ve no idea really whether the gaviscon did the trick or she did just ‘ grow out of it’ but the lack of support while we were in the thick of it was unreal. I needed to catch up on some sleep so badly - just a couple of hours , but it was impossible. I felt constant guilt that my toddler didn’t ever go anywhere ( except peppa pig world for her birthday when Evie was 12 days old- wtf was I thinking??) The support of a postnatal practitioner would have been a game changer for us- which is why I’m so passionate about providing affordable support, training or just a space to relax - for every mama who needs it 💕 #postntalnanny #colic #reflux #newmum #ittakesavillage

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