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Updated: Feb 29, 2020

  1. overwhelm. I remember walking into my first baby class and being ignored, sitting on my own with my tiny baby and not really knowing what to do ( I couldn’t put her down for fear of her being squished by a rampaging toddler) I remember watching all the other mums chatting, making each other drinks and looking like they totally had their shit together. I didn’t have my shit together. After a long struggle to conceive (6 years)the loss of three babies and a very traumatic birth, I was in a state of constant anxiety - this can’t be real? This can’t actually be my baby? What if something happens? What if I’m a rubbish mum? Taking that first step into a baby class was massive for me - but it broke me! I went home in tears and decided maybe baby classes weren’t for me. Finding the strength to give it another go was a game changer - I met other mums who made me realise we were all feeling the same way, none of us really had our shit together. Friendships that are still going strong nearly 10 years on. These early experiences as a first time mum really motivated me to create Little Wildflower- classes where mums can be themselves, take a moment to breathe and connect with their bodies, learn techniques to empower them to respond to their babies cues, learn about baby development at every stage and just have someone make them a hot drink and ask how they are- without the fear of being judged! We really are all in this together 💕 #womenempoweringwomen #wereallinthistogether #ittskesavillsge #postnatalyoga #babyclassworcester #babyyoga #babymassage #mumandbabyyoga #nocliqueshere #noonereallyhastheirshittogether

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