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peace begins with play

Children don't need flashy plastic toys that do the 'play' for them, babies don't need to propped into sitting and standing activity centres, little wildlings don't need to be 'school ready', they need the time, space, freedom and respect to be allowed to develop in their own way, at their own pace. This is how we raise unique little people who will change the world!

What's the hurry to get babies to reach the next milestone?

Why are we so obsessed with school readiness?

Why do we expect toddlers to be able to sit in school environments and listen?

At Wildflower we  believe that childhood is a sacred time that should be cherished, not rushed. We believe that it's time to stop creating needless pressure and stress (on both little ones and their parents!)  We believe that children are naturally curious little beings who learn best through play and exploration.

Our Regenerative Play Teacher Training Programme focuses on natural sequential development from birth through to 16 years old and enables our accredited teachers to run a vast number of classes and workshops.

A number of nurseries and early years settings have also chosen to undertake our accreditation process, demonstrating their commitment to truly child led, holistic learning.

Find out more about our becoming a Regenerative Play Provider over on the website here

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