Permaculture isn’t just ‘nature play’

It’s a way of creating a generation of Earth Keepers who understand the intricacies of sustainable ecosystems

It’s about remembering the skills we lost generations ago when they stopped being passed down from generation to generation

It’s about empowering children to take ownership of their wellbeing through the interactions that they have and the spaces they create


It’s about mutual respect for one another, community, wildlife, plant life & the earth

It’s about getting back to basics


During my 20 years of work as an Early Years Specialist Teacher and Independent Consultant i became increasingly frustrated by the rigid format of education for the littlest members of our society.

I became increasingly frustrated that 'play' was seen as a break from learning and that outdoor play was a reward for sitting still and conforming!


  In 2018 i founded the Wildflower Forest School & Family Wellbeing Site - a space where our community could come together, spend time in nature, learn about the world around them and generally dance to the beat of their own drum! We were fortunate to have pigs, sheep, goats, alpaca, reindeer, chickens and ducks on site, along with beautiful lakes and open farmland.


It turned into our Happy Place!


My own Permaculture journey started in 2012 when my second baby was born and my eldest was just 20 months old. We had a tiny courtyard garden that was planted to within an inch of it's life- but i knew this wasn't enough!

We were fortunate to secure a large allotment in our village and quickly began to turn it into a little haven where we spent our days growing vegetables and flowers, hunting for bugs, learning about the local wildlife and natural elements and planting our hands and feet in the earth!

We went home with a little harvest every day, muddy and tired, but happy!

This early introduction to the magic of nature has sparked a curiosity, respect and thirst for knowledge about the natural world in my two girls that will last a lifetime.

It's my mission to make this available to every Little wildflower 

Permaculture Play the Wildflower Way is a unique programme designed for both those already working with children and families and those looking to set up their own provision or classes. Its also great for those who are homeschooling!

It is suitable for everyone, because this earth is for us all!

The programme includes four seasonal terms full of session plans (each with links to the eyfs outcomes- let's show them we don't need to sit children on little plastic chairs in a classroom for them to learn!)  On completion of the programme you will be a Wildflower Accredited Permaculture Play Provider.

What will i learn?

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This course is studied entirely at your own pace , with coursework questions, practical case studies and reflective accounts.

You can currently join our August intake at a discounted investment for a limited time ...