WE HAVE GOT IT SO WRONG.......  In cultures all over the world the postnatal period is a time for birthing people to recover,

to be celebrated and nurtured, to bond with their baby and to gently begin the process of Matrescence - the journey into Motherhood.

New Mothers are surrounded with support and guidance and feel held, respected and valued. 

In western society today there is so much pressure to have the 'perfect' pregnancy and birth and to immediately embrace being a mother. We are expected to spring back into our pre pregnancy bodies and carry on with our lives as if nothing has changed. We are expected to continue with our careers in the same way as we did before we were responsible for a whole other living person (no pressure eh?) and we should be doing this with a smile on our faces and immaculate homes to boot.....

Is it any wonder that cases of postnatal anxiety, depression and depletion are increasingly on the rise?

At Wildflower we are saying enough is enough!

Our Mother Nurtured Doula's are providing families with hands on support and guidance when they need it most

Our Postnatal Recovery Yoga Teachers and Mindful Mumma Fitness instructors are empowering mums to understand that postnatal minds and body's require a slow, gentle, safe  recovery period

Our unique  Yogaroos Babywearing Yoga Teacher Training is supporting parents to practice mindful movement, meditation and connect to other parents  in a calm space where they can also learn about the amazing benefits of babywearing for both infant and parent.

Our Mum and Baby Spa Therapists are providing baby friendly spaces for parents to enjoy the power of holistic wellbeing and nurturing touch and our Mother Circle Facilitators and Nature babies leaders are creating safe spaces where families can connect to themselves and to the healing power of nature

Do you want to join the Wildflower Postnatal Recovery Revolution? 



This exclusive course will qualify you professionally as :


A Postnatal Doula


A Postnatal Recovery Yoga Teacher


A Postnatal Recovery Massage Therapist


A Baby Massage Teacher


A Baby Yoga & Baby Led Play Teacher


A Babywearing & Cloth Nappy Consultant


A Yogaroos Babywearing Yoga Teacher


A Mindful Mumma Fitness Instructor


A Sanctuary Mum and Baby Retreat Practitioner


A Holistic Newborn Nurture Teacher


A Nature Babies Class Leader


A Mother Circle Facilitator




This exclusive programme also includes:


Advanced Business Mentorship


Monthly  CPD masterclasses with a range of wellbeing specialists ( certificates issued) with the opportunity to host your own masterclass in your area of expertise


The opportunity to practice teach in our online studio


Individualised study plans


Monthly accountability & mentorship calls


A quarterly business review with written action plan

No time restrictions - the programme will be run over 12 months but you can take as long as you need to complete the coursework and case studies ( all cpd will be recorded)