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Wildflower has more than 400 teachers worldwide.

We are a recognised NHS Training Partner and have worked closely with a number of neonatal nurse teams to support them to better understand how skin to skin and baby massage supports the needs of premature babies and their parents.

We have trained midwives to use Hypnobirthing  and active birth position techniques 

We have provided 'Birth to Earth' newborn care training to a number of NHS maternity staff, sharing research based evidence and practical ways to support gentle, respectful newborn care at the earliest opportunity

We have worked alongside a number of large day nursery chains, independent maternity nurse and nanny agencies - providing them with training that enables them to truly understand the importance of genuinely baby and child led provision

All of our training is underwritten by leading global insurance providers

Why have so many Teachers who are already qualified chosen to retrain at Wildflower?

Because we don't want to keep you small - we provide you with a unique way to build your business ethically and at a pace that suits you - we genuinely want you to succeed!

We don't do cliques or 'guru' worshipping

We keep our cohorts small - you are not just a number here

You have lifetime access to everything- including our community group and any updates that are made to your course

We don't hide behind meaningless accreditations that are often bought (anyone can create an awarding body, always check who the founder is!)

We offer affordable ways to build a unique business rather than creating hundreds of identical businesses

(we are not a franchise - there are no ongoing fees and we won't tie you in knots with our terms and conditions!)


We genuinely care!

      I've never run my own business, what support will i receive?

The vast majority of our community are mums who want to find their real purpose and passion, support other mums and create flexible, thriving, sustainable businesses 

You don't need any prior experience or qualifications to join us - we will meet you where you are right in this moment and provide you with all the support you need, in the way that you need it.

When you join Wildflower you are joining a global collective of women who authentically want to support you. We have an incredible wealth of knowledge within our community group, including  midwives, health visitors, nurses, teachers, yoga teachers, mental health nurses, play therapists, financial advisors, holistic therapists, doulas and so much more! You have lifetime access to this community for free.

This is our base camp , our landing spot, our commune.

You will also have access to monthly zoom sessions where i offer live coaching and mentorship - recordings of these sessions are made available in our resource library within the community group for you to refer to at any time.

You will also receive our Business Mentorship Program - covering everything you need to know, from risk assessment through to advertising your classes and consultations.

You are never alone - we are a Community

How much money will i actually earn?

Investing feels scary - i absolutely get that and i'm not here to persuade you to part with your money, if you're feeling called to join us you'll know - without any icky, unethical sales tactics, trust your gut feeling.

We are about fair share, not fat cats. Im not going to be sharing my '3 magic steps to creating a six figure business' or the 'magic sauce' for creating abundance because quite honestly so much of this stuff is pure fiction that creates unrealistic, often unobtainable targets


But, what i am going to share in depth, in it's rawest, realest form is how i created a business from scratch, with no savings, whilst working around two small children, that enabled me to double my old full time salary and create a business that makes me happy every single day.

I'm going to share all the mistakes i made along the way, so you don't do the same thing!

I'm going to share my successes and show you step by step how to transfer this into your business

I'm going to support you to develop the confidence and skill to share your business in a way that feels authentic 

I'm going to guide you and hold space for you on the days when it feels hard (because sometimes it will - its not all love and light being a business owner!)

So, lets start by being absolutely honest about money - because without it your business is a hobby!


The Ethical Expansion Program has been designed to enable you to make maximum impact within your community whilst earning an expansive income.


What do i mean by this? Basically, thats there is always another step for you to take when you're ready , another way to grow your business, another way to increase your income without burning yourself out (because if that was the aim you would have stayed in the 9-5!)


In each of the course overviews i give you an honest indication of what you can expect to earn - no promises of course, because YOU are the rocket fuel behind your business, so the limit is where you set it!


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