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The ones who want to reconnect to their intuition and feel total faith in its wisdom

The ones who believe in their natural instinct as a Mother

The ones who don’t want to coparent with the government and create a generation of little robots 

The ones who want to nurture the wildness of their little ones and themselves

The ones who want to bathe in the glory of Motherhood rather than be pushed to make it a side hustle and become depleted and burnt out in the process

The ones who know there’s a better way , a wiser way , a wilder way.....

Calling all the Wild Mamas...


Why is being a Mother no longer enough?


Why are being told we should be all the things to all the people?

Why is the CHOICE to stay at home with our babies made nearly impossible?

The needs of children haven’t changed from generation to generation - but the demands on mothers have - drastically.

It’s time to make Motherhood sacred again 

Its time to answer the innate calling within you



To reconnect to your deepest intuition, to feel total trust in your Motherhood journey



To feel seen, held, nurtured and truly part of a global community of Wild Mothers, sharing their wisdom

What does The Wild Motherhood Membership include?


As well as a private group space , a carefully selected reading list, a discount on 1:1 sessions with me, access to recordings of every single live Circle, Webinar, Workshop &  Class, and a  library of past ebooks and somatic practice tutorials in a dedicated portal , you also receive the following.....


Gather with the other Wild Mothers in this community during our  live (online)  Circles.There will be space to ask questions, share wisdom and simply to be held in sacred space. Circles are held at 10.30am GMT. All circles are recorded and uploaded into the members portal (question and answer sessions will not be recorded) The Circle dates are:

Feb 2nd- Imbolc

March 23rd - Ostara

April 28th- Beltane

June 22nd- Litha

August 2nd- Lughnasadh

September 20th - Mabon

October 31st - Samhain

December 19th - Yule


Yin is a beautiful, seated , intentional Yoga practice that invites us to turn inwards and tune into what our body is trying to tell us. We use the breath to connect our mind and body, release tension and pent up emotion and  learn to feel truly at ease within our own soul - creating the space we need to be present, conscious mothers. Our planned themes are:

Feb- Connecting to your inner Goddess

March- Calling in the Elements

April- Manifesting with Mother Earth

May-Remembering your Ancestral Red Thread

June- Creating Space - Head & Heart

July-Gratitude & Acceptance- Honouring the Journey

Aug- Move with the Moon - Connecting to lunar energy

Sept- Surrender- Deep Nervous System Relaxation

Oct- Devotion to Self

Nov-The Wisdom of The Rose

Dec- Heart & Hearth- Feeling at home in your body

Jan-Root to Rise- Creating strong foundations


Every Month you will receive a recorded workshop and ebook sharing Wild Mother wisdom and supporting you to dive deeper into your own journey . These Workshops are suitable for Mothers and Professionals alike and a CPD Certificate can be issued if requested. Our planned themes are:

Feb- Exploring Free Birth

March- Nourishing Postnatal Nutrition

April- Natural Newborn Care

May-Weaning Wildlings

June- Home Birthing 

July- Child Led Potty Training

Aug-  Understanding Induction & Intervention in Birth

Sept- Creating a daily Rhythm for Wildlings- Understanding Toddler Behaviour

Oct- Colic & Reflux the Natural Way

Nov- The Wild Wisdom of Physiological Birth

Dec- Exploring Free Schooling

Jan-Nourishing Foods for Fussy Eaters


Your body really does keep the score of every event thats happened within your life, storing it within the cells of your body, ever ready to come to the surface when triggered .


Our little ones are intuitive beings - they need us to be regulated in order to feel emotionally regulated and safe within themselves. Somatic practices like breathwork provide us with a toolkit to reset or nervous system and be the calm in the storm for our family


Our little wildings don't need a space filled with plastic, flashy toys that do little to spark their curiosity. They need connection to the world around them, open ended and natural play resources. They need to feel part of the space where they live, by joining in with daily rituals and routines. They need  time and freedom to explore.

These seasonal play resources will inspire you to create invitations for play and creativity in every day life


As women we are cyclical beings who are intrinsically connected to the cycles both within us and around us.


Every full moon the group will receive  full moon journal prompts and an energy based card reading . 

These reading will not only provide a practical overview of the astrological timings and what they mean, they will also act as a reminder to ebb and flow through each phase of our own cycle.


Working with the wheel of year to harness natures gifts, we will explore growing, cooking and harvesting seasonal foods, creating a toolkit of wild remedies for ourselves, our little wildings and our hearth and celebrate Mother Earth in ritual. These Rituals include herbal tea and tincture recipes, natural skincare remedies for the whole family, daily rhythms to connect us and a remembering of  the wisdom of  ancestral rituals.


In a culture where being busy is worn like a badge of honour and mindlessly rushing from one task to another is the norm we are bringing back simple, every day rituals, based on the wheel of the year, for your mind, your body and your home, reminding you to slow down and truly value each moment.

What is the Investment?

I want to make this space accessible to every Mother who needs it and have therefore kept cost to a minimum- with a generous launch price for the first 10 people who sign up for the year!

The resources in this membership are valued at over £800 a year when bought as stand alone classes or workshops!


Over the 12 Months of your Membership you will receive:

Over 50 hours of Yin Yoga , breath work & Guided Meditation 

12 Wild Motherhood  Recorded Workshops & Ebooks 

8 Live (zoom) Sacred Ceremonies to celebrate the turning of the Wheel of the Year

8 Ritual Workbooks

4 Seasonal Little Wildling Play Guides

13 Full Moon energy readings with Journal Prompts

Pink Flower

Launch Offer Investment : Just £222 for the full 12 month membership - 10 Spaces only (rising to £333)



Pay Monthly £33 per month


Wild Motherhood Workshop - February


We’re programmed to fear pregnancy & birth, from the medicalised jargon & invasive tests to the programmes on tv that show it as dramatic and agonising

We’re made to feel like the only ‘safe’ option is to do what we’re told - the experts know best after all


We’re made to feel like a nuisance for asking questions


We’re treated like machinery on a conveyor belt - like a ticking time bomb that must produce their baby by a set time


We’re left injured and traumatised after birth - but are told we should be grateful for our healthy baby as that’s all that matters


We’re given postnatal ‘checks’ that consist of a tick list , when we need hands on care & time to recover & process this huge life event


We’re told to get back to work asap - to be productive members of society - because raising the next generation isn’t enough


It doesn’t have to be this way!! 


In this 2 hour workshop we'll explore how free birth can support women to reclaim their power and remember their innate wisdom.

This Workshop is suitable for parents or Birth Workers.

There are two ways to access this recording:

1: Join the Wild Motherhood Membership (all workshops are included)

2: Follow the link below to purchase the recording for £22

*Please note this event is a two hour recorded workshop which you have lifetime access to. It will be sent to you on February 28th, along with a pdf workbook. It does not contain medical or legal advice*

Book your space here

Thanks for registering!

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