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Mother and Daughter Yoga

Yoga isn't about standing on your head or doing the splits. It's not about fancy leggings and getting 'in shape'

Yoga is about supporting the mind and body to work in union. It's about slowing down and connecting to your true Dharma (purpose) through movement, the breath and meditation - in fact Asana (the physical postures) were originally created as a way to support meditation.

All of our Yoga Teacher Training has been designed to enable women at every stage of life to access the incredible holistic benefits of this ancient practice - no matter what size, shape or age they are!


After years of trying to find a class that felt authentic and being met with competition and cliques i decided to create my own programmes - moving away from the insta perfect hype and taking Yoga back to its roots as a personal wellbeing toolkit - your Yoga mat should feel like a sanctuary not a punishment!

I also created our unique Yogaroos Teacher Training - a magic combination of Baby wearing and Postnatal Recovery Yoga. At Wildflower we support connected, responsive parenting led by intuition and instinct and so often parent's would stop their practice to hold their baby (quite rightly!) so why not make this connection an integral part of the class! Yogaroos is a slow, purposeful class where parent's spend time in circle, meditation and breathwork and consciously move through safe yoga flow sequences whilst wearing their baby in a carrier or sling. Find out more about teaching this unique class by clicking the link below.

All of our Yoga Teacher training programmes include An Introduction to mother Circle Facilitation - knowing how to hold space for a group of women is a vital part of any class or workshop. This certificate also enables our teachers to hold ongoing Circles for women of any age- the village matters, passing on our wisdom matters.

Find out more about our Yoga teacher training programmes below..

Baby Massage Teacher Training Live Masterclass

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