Barefeet on Sand

Our community is fundamentally made up of women who want to step off the 9-5 patriarchal treadmill and holistically support other women on their Maiden, Mother Crone journey.

Understanding their own Roots is vital, why?

To genuinely understand their own preprogrammed biases and experiences and how these can impact their practice

To enable them to be aware of what genuine inclusivity looks and feels like

To support them to create a business that is authentically aligned to their soul calling ~ not a carbon copy of every other birth, baby or wellbeing business!

To find their tribe ~ everyone needs to feel represented, how can this happen when we hide our authenticity and play it safe behind a blanket business template? How will your people find you?!

To feel safe, nurtured and truly fulfilled ~ authenticity and alignment just feels right. We need to understand who we truly are and what actually matters to us in order to do this!

Are you ready to reconnect?


Why have I created the Roots programme?


Because I know first hand how powerful and transformative it is to feel truly aligned and free to be yourself. I know the impact that this has had on my personal life, my business and my wellbeing.


Let me tell you more…I am from a Romany gypsy family, something I’ve hidden my entire life  Why? Because of the ongoing stigma and the fact that it’s still socially acceptable to be openly discriminatory about my heritage.


What impact did this have?

I felt disconnected in all areas of my life. Not ‘safe’ to be myself. I strived to ‘fit in’ with people who really weren’t my tribe, I didn’t ever feel ‘good enough’ and continuously gave myself a hard time ~ the mum guilt was off the scale! I took no time to care for myself or my own wellbeing because I felt like stopping and resting would equal failure- I repeated this in my business - trying to please everyone and often working with people who just weren’t aligned with what I was offering. I couldn’t show up as myself and I was depleted on all levels.


How have things changed for me?


The clarity I have about harnessing the magic of my incredible heritage has completely empowered me in all aspects of my life.I have clear boundaries in both my personal and work life.

I have an impactful business that represents who I am and what’s important to meI only work with people who are aligned with my vision - and this feels so good! I take care of my self and connect to my own needs - this is power on another level!


How can this help you?


I want to share the practices that have helped me gain this clarity and support you to do the same.

This isn’t just about your direct heritage, it’s about understanding the preprogramming that we, as women, are so often trapped by. It’s about truly learning how to listen to your intuition by regulating your nervous system, shutting down the bullshit and reconnecting to yourself on a deep level.


This is how you find your soul purpose


This is how you find your tribe


When we start truly being ourselves we find our circle

We feel safe, supported, heard and seen

We act from a place of love and sovereignty

We feel a sense of flow in all aspects of our lives

Ready to find your circle?

“The circle of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we are weak and dance with us when we are strong”