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Sleeping Siblings

At The Wild Mothering School we are changing the way that Doula's offer support. We believe that Women need the guidance, wisdom and comfort of other women at every stage of the Womanhood Journey, not just during birth and the early days with their baby. 

Many cultures from all over the world continue to embrace the value of a circle of support that in Western society has become so lost.


Our mission is to bring back the Village to not just Motherhood , but Womanhood as a whole.

Our Doula Training is designed to enable heart led Women to create sustainable, thriving businesses providing one to support, classes, workshops, retreats and consultations in their area of specialism.

Wild Mothering  Doulas are part of a global community of likeminded professionals who are changing the way we support Women on a deep level- this work is so vitally needed. Every Doula has life long free membership of The Wildflower Collective Community - a space to share, support and feel held, somewhere no question is ever judged and guidance always comes from a place of collaboration over competition.

As a Doula myself i know how important community is, this is why Wildflower Doulas offer a whole range of classes and workshops alongside their one to one Doula work. This also means that they are able to create multiple income streams along the way as their business grows. You have life time access to all course material with no set deadlines, i understand how tricky it can be to juggle study and family life and don't want this worry to stand in your way!

We offer the following Doula Training Pathways 

Fertility Doula

Birth Doula

Postnatal Doula

Parenthood Doula

Menopause Doula

These courses run at specific times during the year and consist of a 12 week training program consisting of coursework and 6 live zoom sessions with your cohort. All sessions are recorded and you lifetime access to course material - you do not have to complete your training within the 12 week period , however many students are keen to get their business up and running and find the accountability of weekly study and live meet ups useful.



Booking is currently open for Wild Mothering Postnatal Doula Training

This cohort will start on March 27th.


Find out more about the course content, investment fee and booking details by clicking the image below

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