IT'S TIME TO RECONNECT TO OUR OWN NEEDS.....   As a busy, working parent i found myself on that never ending treadmill, with no way to pause and take a breath. That was until one day my body stopped me in my tracks and i was forced to slow down.

This proved to be one of my most life changing experiences- it was at this point that i gave myself time to reconnect to what really mattered to me and consider how i really wanted my life to look. This is when Wildflower was born!


I truly believe that without slowing down and giving myself some space i would never have created the successful, soul aligned business i have today. I want to help you do this too.

The video below is taken from the initial Mama Wild Programme and introduces the reasoning behind it's creation. This programme was an absolutely game changer for so many of our community and the feedback was phenomenal (you can check this out over on our social media pages)


Due to this demand i've created a brand new version of the programme  - read on to find out more about the launch of Mama ReWild 2022 and how you can secure an exclusive space 

When we are in a constant state of stress response (fight or flight) it is virtually impossible to access the creative part of our brain - every tiny bit of energy we have is directed towards keeping us safe- our brain is primal and stress chemicals  like cortisol make it believe that we are in a life or death situation.

When we feel able to truly slow down and relax we access our Parasympathetic nervous system - our brain knows we are safe, it allows us to switch 'high alert' off and this makes space for all the good stuff!

We all too often live our entire lives on that never ending stress treadmill- never truly tapping into the amazing power of opportunity within us.

Mama ReWild 2022 will enable you to find practical ways to slow down and connect to the infinite possibilities and power that is all around us and within each and every one of us.


MAMA REWILD 2022....  This brand new programme runs throughout the entire year and offers members the opportunity to feel held and nurtured as part of a Circle of Women, led by the seasons and cycles both around us and within us.

We do this by exploring our intrinsic need for connection to:



Our Community

Each season we immerse ourselves in


Forest Therapy 

Shakti Yoga


Aurvedic, seasonal recipes

Honouring our cyclic nature

Understanding the lunar cycles

Exploring our unique divine feminine energy

Exploring the  female archetypes and their relevance to our wellbeing

The safe use of essential oils 

We also come together as a group to celebrate the seasonal equinoxes and solstices with  guided meditation and journaling

The programme includes a whole year of  group Voxer support (where you can chat with other members of the group via voice messaging) plus coaching directly with me and the rest of our Mama ReWild community and a one to one mentorship session at the end of the programme where i support you to put genuinely aligned plans in place to enable you to live the life you want- not the one you're stuck in.

Each season comes with access to a prerecorded coaching session, an extensive workbook and a beautiful journal.

I have also compiled the most awe inspiring reading list to accompany this course, with a core text for each season for us to discuss and implement into our lives- i can't wait to share it with you!

Due to the nature of the programme spaces will be extremely limited....have you booked yours?

Wheat field

The vast majority of our community work in heart led sectors where they are following their passion and have an intrinsic need to care for and nurture others. In order for this to be authentic it requires a deep connection to who we are,  a feeling of safety and security within ourselves and a dedication to  truly honouring and embracing the gentle, flowing , nourishing yet powerful feminine energy within us. We have become so used to working from a place of masculine yang energy in order to feel we are accomplishing enough, being enough that this natural resource has been forgotten. We feel disconnected, depleted and deflated.

Mama ReWild will help you reconnect to this power and harness every part of your uniqueness.

Mama ReWild will help strip you back to your realest, rawest self and allow you to be proud of who you truly are.

Mama ReWild will give you the clarity you need to feel truly aligned in all aspects of your life

Mama ReWild will provide you with a safe, nurturing space to share, be held and connect to other women on this year long journey beside you

I will be there to hold this space for you all , because i know how transformational this experience is,



Time to get clear on your purpose and live a slower, more aligned life? Book via the link below to secure a space at our discounted launch price or get in touch for a chat about how Mama ReWild can support you to have the the most groundbreaking year of your life