The breath is the thread that connects our mind and body. 

The way we breathe has a direct influence on our wellbeing on all levels.....

Physically  -  it increases oxygenated blood flow around the body, supports immune system function and regulates the central nervous system

Mentally - it sends signals  from the body to the brain to let us know we are safe  and enables us to access our parasympathetic nervous system

Emotionally- it reduces stress and anxiety and provides us with an easily accessible coping  tool. It enables us to release trauma and deeply buried emotion-  which can manifest as physical ailments when left buried.

Spiritually - it provides a sense of space and connection, allowing us to reconnect to ourselves within the chaos of daily life  and to really feel into our intuition and inner guidance

The list is truly endless!


                      Why does this work matter?

I have worked with the breath for many years and in many formats , as a yoga teacher, birth worker, within circles and within my own daily wellbeing practices and rituals..

The power of truly understanding the impact of breathwork is life changing.

We are able to provide families with a coping strategy that they can access any time, any place , with no need for gadgets or equipment. 

Just imagine the impact this gets to have for women at every stage of life.

Just imagine the impact this work will have as it's passed down from generation to generation

                     Who is this training for?

Anyone who wants to support people of all ages to gain a  lifelong wellbeing tool! 

How many times have you been told to 'take a deep breath' when you're anxious about something?

How many times have you led people through 'breathing exercises' without a real understanding of why or how they work or where they have originated from?

This programme will change the way in which you support your community, whether you're a midwife, doula, baby class teacher , yoga teacher or you're looking to start a sustainable wellbeing business from scratch - the breath is the thread that will weave your offering together.


                                                                                   How does the programme work?

As with all of our courses you have complete control of when you start and finish , lifetime access to course material, lifetime membership of The Wildflower Collective Community and full ongoing support- from planning your study to running your classes and workshops (and everything in between!)

You will complete 6 Modules - these are designed to ensure you are engaged in your learning, feel inspired and fully prepared to actually facilitate this method in to your work on a practical level.

You will have the option to book onto a three hour zoom teaching session , where you'll be guided through the practical breathwork methods, can practice teach and ask any questions you may have. you'll then be asked to work in pairs and facilitate a short breathwork session which will be observed. Full feedback will be sent via email after the session. along with certificates. If you prefer to record a breathwork class and submit a video rather than attending a group session then that's totally fine too!

On completion of this training you will be an Accredited Breathe & Heal Facilitator and certified to run Breathe & Heal Circle or Workshops, as well as providing one to one consultations based on specific needs - such as trauma release or nervous system regulation.

This training can also be completed as part of the Roots Method Circle Facilitator Programme


                                                                 Ready to  take your practice to the next level?

You can book a space on this training here  or feel free to pop me an email or DM over on our social media.

As always, spaces will be limited to ensure the Wildflower ethos is maintained at all times- you are never just a number here!