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Meet the Founder of Wildflower 

I'm Clare, Mummy of two horse mad girls , wife to a footy fan who loves shopping (unlike me) and fur mummy to our ever growing menagerie of rescue animals! We live in organised chaos in a little Worcestershire Village.

I am of Romany Gypsy descent, nature is in my blood and bones and keeps me sane! On retreat in Glastonbury recently i discovered a love for cold water swimming and this is quickly becoming a new passion. 

My mission in this lifetime is to create a network of authentic, inclusive, diverse support for women all over the globe (nothing huge or anything)

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How it all began...


I've worked with families in one capacity or another for over 20 years and undertaken a vast amount of professionally recognised training , including:

-BA (hons) Integrated Working with Children & Families

-Early Years Teacher Training 

-PGCert Coaching & Teaching

-Perinatal Doula Training 

-200 hr RYT Yoga Teacher (currently completing 500 hour training)

-Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training 

-Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training 

- Fertility Yoga Teacher Training

-Ayurvedic Nutritionist Certification

-Baby Massage & Yoga Teacher Training 

-Hypnobirthing Teacher Training 

-Antenatal Teacher Training 

But it wasn't until i began planning for my own family that i really discovered my soul purpose.

The journey into Motherhood for me wasn't straight forward - i had undiagnosed infertility which turned out to be related to PCOS and Endometriosis. It took 6 years for me to become a mummy and i suffered the trauma of losing three precious, much longed for babies along the way. 

The support i received after my miscarriages was incredibly poor and this is something that i feel passionately about changing- no woman should be placed on a maternity ward full of new mums and babies when they have just been told they have lost theirs.

My first birth experience was nothing short of traumatic. I was unprepared (i'm not sure i could allow myself to believe my pregnancy would get that far) and i had no idea what my options were. I have never felt so vulnerable and out of control in my life. This experience left me struggling with Postnatal Anxiety - i wanted everything to be perfect, i wouldn't allow myself to rest or accept help and i became convinced something would happen to my baby. The one time i reached out for support my health visitor told me that it would mean 'a lot of paperwork', so i left it there - how sad is that?

I went onto have a second miracle baby 18 months later , she suffered with horrific colic and reflux and literally woke on the hour every hour - my mental health took a dip again, there was zero support.

When i returned to work full time i knew that i was running myself into the ground - i was depleted on all levels and felt i was never truly giving 100% to anything . I was miserable. I needed to step off this treadmill.


So i did!

I had no plan, no savings and a full time wage to replace - was this scary?  YES! But i trusted that i would find a way to make things work - I had to.

This is when Wildflower was born!

A business that enabled me to work around my family and not the other way round

A business that allowed me to be all of who i am and not try to squeeze myself into a box i'm not meant to be in

A business that made a real difference to the lives of other women

A business that earned me substantially more money than my old 9-5

And now i get to share this with women all over the World who want to do the same - it is completely possible for you too

Find out how to get started here

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