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Meet Clare,
The Wildflower Doula & Founder of Wildflower Training Academy

I am beyond excited to welcome you  into this space- the home of The Wildflower Collective- Women with a shared mission to make an authentic  difference to the lives of other Women at every stage of the journey , from Fertility through to Menopause .


The Wildflower ethos is centred around women remembering and reclaiming their inherent wisdom, feeling empowered and liberated and stepping off the 9-5 patriarchal treadmill that's grinding us down and putting barrier after barrier in the way of us following our souls calling.

At Wildflower we believe that inclusivity and diversity are fundamental and that the only way to ensure this is by making our training accessible to the many not the few - we are about fair share not fat cats!

My Story

I've worked with families in one capacity or another for over 20 years and undertaken a vast amount of professionally recognised of training , including:

-BA (hons) Integrated Working with Children & Families

-Early Years Teacher Training 

-PGCert Coaching & Teaching

-Perinatal Doula Training 

-200 hr RYT Yoga Teacher (currently completing 500 hour training)

-Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training 

-Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training 

- Fertility Yoga Teacher Training

-Ayurvedic Nutritionist Certification

-Baby Massage & Yoga Teacher Training 

-Hypnobirthing Teacher Training 

-Antenatal Teacher Training 

This training has supported me in many roles, from leading an Early Years Department to being a Maternity Nanny (and lots more in between!)

But it wasn't until i began planning for my own family that i really discovered my soul purpose.

The journey into Motherhood for me wasn't straight forward - i had undiagnosed infertility which turned out to be related to PCOS and Endometriosis. It took 6 years for me to become a mummy and i suffered the trauma of losing three precious, much longed for babies along the way. 

The support i received after my miscarriages was incredibly poor and this is something that i feel passionately about changing- no woman should be placed on a maternity ward full of new mums and babies when they have just been told they have lost theirs.

My first birth experience was nothing short of traumatic. I was unprepared (i'm not sure i could allow myself to believe my pregnancy would get that far) and i had no idea what my options were. I have never felt so vulnerable and out of control in my life. This experience left me struggling with Postnatal Anxiety - i wanted everything to be perfect, i wouldn't allow myself to rest or accept help and i became convinced something would happen to my baby. The one time i reached out for support my health visitor told me that it would mean 'a lot of paperwork', so i left i there - how sad is that?

I went onto have a second miracle baby 18 months later , she suffered with horrific colic and reflux and literally woke on the hour every hour - my mental health took a dip again, there was zero support.

When i returned to work full time i knew that i was running myself into the ground - i was depleted on all levels and felt i was never truly giving 100% to anything . I was miserable. I needed to step off this treadmill.

So i did!

I had no plan, no savings and a full time wage to replace - was this scary?  YES! But i trusted that i would find a way to make things work - I had to.

This is when Wildflower was born!

A range of classes and workshops for my local community of mums

A business that allowed me to work the hours that suited me and family 

A business that lit up my soul because it was making such a difference to other  women

A business that quickly earned me more money than my full time job!

There are now over 350 Wildflower Trained Practitioners all over the globe- the ripple effect this is having is huge.

This is available for YOU too , let me guide you through and walk with you every step of the journey 




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